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Pretty much as soon as a new device or software application is even conceived, someone is developing training for it. That speaks to the fact that no matter how intuitive the developers feel their product is, people will have challenges when really leveraging it for meaningful change in their lives. Books, workshops, and now the internet are all resources to help you explore the basics. It doesn't matter if the technology is meant for home, school, or work -- there is always a learning curve and most people stop their tech education at 'good enough.'

Imagine you decided to take up hiking: you bought the cool boots, got a backpack, and filled it with the best outdoor equipment. After a kilometre of hiking, you see the summit in the distance but realize that you really don't know much about being out in the woods or how to use all you brought. You turn around and head back. "This walk was good enough - I experienced the outdoors." All the cool things you bought for the journey are now in storage unused. If only someone experienced could have come alongside you and taken you to the summit.

LuminEd is founded on the premise that you shouldn't settle for 'good enough.'  A world of creativity and productivity can be unleashed when you really learn to MASTER your technology. The promise is there: technology is designed to be liberating, but there is no liberation when you struggle with tech on a daily basis. A technology adventure guided by deep meaningful coaching can enlighten you toward technology liberation. You can stand on that mountaintop and take in the landscape, knowing you earned your way up!

Tom is ready to be your guide and help you MASTER your technology with skills that will have you embracing your current and future technology in your biggest adventure of all - your life. You can reach for technology and use it with confidence to enhance what you do!

Technology Adventures with Tom@LuminEd

Training in small groups is a great way to discover new skills together. These workshops are hands on and are designed to help you build skills you really can use in the classroom. This is a great way to become exposed to a number of new approaches that are part of an overall ed-tech road map. 
From KeyNote sessions to senior admin presentations. I will take you on an overview of the landscape of what it's possible to achieve with Ed-Tech, give you a solid overview of current and future trends and taking some of the mystery out of all the buzz-words. You'll receive practical advice on how to prepare, pack, execute, and reflect on an Ed-Tech journey tailored just for you!
Have you ever attended a conference and were overwhelmed by all the bright shiny ideas? Wish you could have that presenter come to your classroom and show you how it works with your students? YOU CAN! Explore my embedded PD offerings and "Bring the Conference to your Classroom."
Implementing technology in the classroom is a journey. And every journey needs a MAP based on solid objectives. But journeys also need some flex-time and opportunity to explore cool ideas. I will review your entire Ed-Tech ecosystem and help your district or school develop an implementation MAP that incorporates tech tuning and professional development.

Your Guide

Tom Lademann, Technology Coach
Hi. My name is Tom Lademann and ever since I can remember, I have been enthralled with technology. As a junior high student, my friends and I raised funds for our school to buy it's first Apple II computer. Back then it was a challenge and a fascination for all of us to gather around this magical device and code a simple game. I was hooked and knew that technology would be my thing. 

Using technology for me is not an isolated pursuit: it's a tool I leverage in all I do. As your technology tour guide, I’ll share with you my love of all things tech, and ensure you will learn to harness and unleash the power that technology has to offer.

EdTech Base Camp
Everyone who adventures in technology needs some base skills. Operating system basics or application tips and tricks. We can design a workshop that helps teachers, frontline staff, or administrators build skills to help leverage technology with greater ease. 

Google APPS (G Suite)
Office 365
Windows OS
Microsoft Office
Digital File Management

These are some of the BASECAMP skills we can help you develop!


Managing Learning
Technology has always promised better ways to do mundane tasks. Teachers know that planning and delivering lessons, grading assignments and documenting student progress is a large part of the administrative part of teaching. There are numerous tech tools to help them but they are not always intuitive to roll out.

Learn how to leverage a variety of technology platforms to plan and deliver differentiated and engaging lessons.

PowerSchool? PowerTeacher Pro? We aim to help you with your Gradebook giving you tips and tricks to make formative and summative assessment easier to track. Help eliminate double grade entry and free up time! 

Explore these tools!
Kahoot / Plickers /  Quizlet
Google Forms & Classroom
Cool DOCS and SHEETS addons
Hapara Dashboard & Workspaces
SeeSaw & FreshGrade



Creative Pursuits
When it comes time for students to demonstrate learning there is much more than just writing you an essay or completing a worksheet.

There are so many creative things that students can do with technology, but it sure helps if you can show them more depth and understand the tools better yourself! We don't want them to just scratch the surface and settle for good enough; we want them to show off!

Digital Image Editing
 eBook Publishing
Movie Making

The possibilities are endless, but you need to start somewhere. These full day boot camps will help you explore some cool CREATIVE devices and apps that you can infuse into your classroom!



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