A freshly minted project, LuminEd is the result of years of experience working with technology integration. Its prime directive is to serve teachers, students and administrators in K-12 educational institutions. LuminEd is a consultancy practice and looks to collaborate with other like-minded individuals and organizations to construct custom technology "adventures" to meet 21st century learning objectives of today's classroom, school and district . 

Integrating technology in education began as soon as the first learning 'aid' was developed it could be argued that when humans discovered how to document their knowledge in cave paintings. EdTech was born. Chalkboards, slates, pens and paper may all come from humble beginnings, but in the last 50 years, there has been an explosion of products and services competing to be included in classroom learning. Teachers and students alike struggle to keep up, and curriculum design is often mute when it comes to how to leverage technology to effectively master objectives. School administrators are charged to include technology as an important 21st century skill ... but the costs associated with keeping up are steep and the return on the investment is difficult to achieve. 

Engagements typically begin with a focused assessment of your current technology ecosystem so that it's clear what resources you have to work with. Having spent years implementing technology solutions. I know how to quickly read your IT team's skills and cut through the jargon when it comes to choosing new digital products and services. Together we establish a digital literacy 'basecamp' and work toward orienting staff and students to its potential. This helps to establish your digital learning road map and allows everyone to venture out and leverage technology to enhance learning. 
Tom Lademann - Your Technology Tour Guide
When the wires, devices and apps disappear into the background, allowing YOU to be creative, productive and reach your objectives
– then I believe I’ve made a difference!
Technology Evangelist, Coach & Guide
My name is Tom Lademann, and I am a technology professional. I have spent a lifetime exploring and learning how technology can make life better. From an early age I was fascinated with the technical aspect of anything I did. It's not all about computers: I also love to ski, bike, camp and take pictures and all the while I am leveraging the wonder that technology affords my many pursuits. 

I hold a B Ed. and spent seven years at a private school teaching and mentoring high school students, living on campus as their "dorm dad." I got married and now have a family of my own. My wife, Heather, and I consider our two daughters our greatest treasures, and they are now out building independent lives and pursuing their passions.

Professionally I switched gears. I earned an MCSE and taught career-changing adults how to become certified networking professionals. Not content to stand still, I co-founded a successful technology service company and spent the next 15 years providing IT service for clients across a wide range of professions. My passion to teach is always at the surface, and I believe it's not enough to deliver a product: I make sure my clients know what they can do with it! 

Over the past few years I have been working with schools to help them build a solid IT foundation and then leverage it to enable students to build 21st century skills. I have found the best way to do this is to get teachers and students to learn side by side to use technology as a tool to explore and create while immersed in their curriculum. LuminEd is my latest venture and is tightly focused on helping you to gain technical skills to make your pursuits more fulfilling.


Training in small groups is a great way to discover new skills together. These workshops are hands on and are designed to help you build skills you really can use in the classroom. This is a great way to become exposed to a number of new approaches that are part of an overall ed-tech road map. 
From KeyNote sessions to senior admin presentations. I will take you on an overview of the landscape of what it's possible to achieve with Ed-Tech, give you a solid overview of current and future trends and taking some of the mystery out of all the buzz-words. You'll receive practical advice on how to prepare, pack, execute, and reflect on an Ed-Tech journey tailored just for you!
Have you ever attended a conference and were overwhelmed by all the bright shiny ideas? Wish you could have that presenter come to your classroom and show you how it works with your students? YOU CAN! Explore my embedded PD offerings and "Bring the Conference to your Classroom."
Implementing technology in the classroom is a journey. And every journey needs a MAP based on solid objectives. But journeys also need some flex-time and opportunity to explore cool ideas. I will review your entire Ed-Tech ecosystem and help your district or school develop an implementation MAP that incorporates tech tuning and professional development.
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