HYGGE is a Danish word that encompases more than a simple definition can convey.

HYGGE is a concept that includes a feeling of comfort, security and well-being. It is often embodied in activities like having a deep conversation over coffee with a friend, curling up with a good book while a storm is brewing outside or relaxing by a warm fire on a cold winter's night.

I invite you to read on to see how I believe Hygge can be connected to technology.

HyggeTek Learning Event


feeling connected
to the world using technology in an uplifting way that amplifies the experience

Hygge may seem an odd concept to couple with technology. Our lives are surrounded by technology that often frustrates, irritates and causes anxious moments. But we continue to use it because we experience glimmers of what it can do -  often our interaction with tech is most 'unHyggelig.'

I believe this does not have to be the case. Technology need not enslave us - technical innovation should release us from the mundane and enhance the things we enjoy. To leverage it's intended purpose we do need to learn how to harness the power - and herein lies the challenge. Designers of devices and software (aka APPS) are tasked with a 'make it simple' goal - sometimes so much so that you are unaware of the underlying design and often miss the very features that allow you to dive deeply. You skim the surface and get by. You accept this condition because the simplicity allows you to accomplish a basic task and you need to move on.

The HyggeTek series of learning experiences is designed to help you take back control of your technology, teach you the fundamentals of the intended design and let you craft a technical ecosystem that works FOR you! You can explore deeply the functions and features that can enable you to go beyond your initial experience. I want you to experience a sense of well-being and accomplishment when you use technology that is Hyggelig.

Too many devices? 
Too many apps?
Organize Your Digital Chaos

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with our technology. It's a marvel when it works, but when it doesn't it can be a source of stress and frustration. I have encountered so many people in my years as an IT professional who have lost valuable data because a device failed or they simply could not remember where they saved it. Precious memories or important work are then a figment of your imagination and frustration sets in.
Device manufacturers and tech services from companies like Apple, Google, Facebook etc. try hard to make their technology intuitive to use. Each iteration brings with it new accesories, different capabilities, and software programs to manage the resulting data. Sometimes it pays to stay within one ecosystem (well, for the manufacturer for sure!) but often we have devices and software from different companies and leave digital footprints all over the place. When you need to find something you are left pulling your hair out!
The HyggeTek series of learning experiences is the result of my 30+ years of experience in IT. My goal is to restore your relationship with your devices to the way it should be - WITH YOU IN CHARGE! Once you are in charge you can revel in the power that these technologies have and enhance your life. These workshops provide you with the background on how these technologies are designed ... in simple, easy to understand terms! I teach you this so that you can really evaluate anything NEW you are planning to purchase and add to your digital ecosystem. 

There is more to owning technology than the initial purchase - you need to care and feed it - you need to know where and how you are going to manage the data it produces!

HyggeTek Learning Experiences

There are so many ways to approach technical training - my HyggeTek series focuses on mastering devices, digital identity and data. 

Managing your Devices
- Your devices are designed for many purposes. From Laptops to cell phones we will explore how to properly care and feed these technical marvels. We delve into what an "operating system" is. No matter who's designed it there are common interface elements that help you unleash the power of your device. To build a technical ecosystem that works for you, you need to master the foundation.

Managing your Digital Identity - Your online identity is made up of accounts you create when you sign up for services. Usernames, passwords and PINS are your keys to unlock the data you entrust to these services. You are told that in order to maintain security they should all be unique - but "unique" and "easy to remember" when you need them are not symbiotic. We tackle identity management and use technology to assist us in maintaining secure digital keys. We take inventory of what we already have "out there in the cloud" and carefully tune our digital footprints to ensure that our ecosystem is secure and easier to mange.

Managing your Data - For many of us our first experience with technology is to consume content that someone has created - browsing the web, reading an eBook or 'googling' to find an answer to a question. Very quickly (and sometimes without actually realizing it!) we can go from consumer to creator  - the moment you make a 'bookmark' you are creating a personal data stream. More obvious creation moments include writing an email, a letter, a list, taking a picture or recording a video. All this data needs to be stored somewhere for future retrieval. We examine the different places you can store data and how to organize it and protect it for future use. We dive into content creation applications and learn how they connect to data storage locations.

All HyggeTek learning experiences draw their focus from one of the above areas and pull in connections from the others as is applicable. A complete rework of your digital ecosystem should involve a learning experience from each area - but you can begin your journey at any time with any experience!

Learning experiences that I offer vary from workshops and bootcamps to one-on-one coaching. The venues can be in a traditional 'classroom' setting or in your home. Some experiences are available online or in person!

Check the space below to see what I am currently leading.

CURRENT HyggeTek Learning

Reclaim your Digital Photos
Thursday JAN 31, 2017
6PM - 9PM  
@ Four Points Sheraton in Sherwood Park

This workshop is part of the "Managing your Data" 
learning experience.

 Pictures are snapshots of precious memories. 
YOU need to be in control of how they are managed.

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